Howard Childs is a Travel and Special Events photographer specializing in photographing people and hotel properties. 


Howard Child's clients include corporations and individuals in Asia and New York. His interest in photography began in 2005. Since then Howard has traveled to 27 countries producing photographs of people, for public relations and for the travel industry.

Howard continues to document daily life in Japan . He has had three exhibitions of his work in Asia. His portraits of people in Asia are held in private collections. He is known for his ability to tell the whole story with a genuine passion for his photography.

In addition, Howard provides educational materials for children in rural Southeast Asia. Beginning in 2014, delivering school supplies directly into the hands of students. Howard aims to do his part in fostering learning while preserving local culture and customs. He proudly instructs students and others along the way on the craft of photography. He has taught Japanese students K-12 living in Japan.

He is agent-represented.